In 1995, 17-year-old Isabell Lilleng from Rømskog disappears. Robert
Taule has recently been released from prison after a rape conviction and immediately becomes the main suspect. Then he too disappears.

After the sheriff retires, he becomes obsessed with solving the case. A life-threatening illness means his time is short. How close to the truth can he get before he's gone forever?

In the present day, Isabell's remains are found. Anton Brekke is hired
by truecrime journalist Kristian Bolstad, who wants to make a podcast about
the disappearance. They start treading a new, unknown path to
solve the case before the police do. But Isabell's killer is willing to
do anything to stay hidden.

JAN-ERIK FJELL (born 1982) from Fredrikstad has experienced a fairytale success with his crime novels about Anton Brekke. He was the youngest person ever to win the Norwegian Bookshop Award in 2010 for The Silencer. He was nominated for the Riverton Prize for Gjemsel and Ringmannen. His books have sold more than one million copies in 14 countries.