After the police raid an illegal poker club, Anton Brekke is demotioned from NCIS to patrole the streets in Fredrikstad. Anton and the partner Magnus Torp are first patrol at the scene of a bestial murder. The murder makes it clear that there is a serial killer.

San Francisco, 1961. The 17-year-old Daniel «Danny» Larsen arrives at the federal penetentiary Alcatraz. He's convicted to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for armed robbery and attempted murder of a police officer. 33 years later, a Norwegian sweethearts visits Alcatraz, which is now a museum. There they meet the well-grown American William. He tells them the story of the Norwegian he was serving time with many years earlier.

What is the correlation between the murders in the present and the 50 year old story of Danny? Anton Brekke is taking the case.